Social Responsability

A company compromised
with the environment and the people

Sustainable Practices

A sococo is a company that have been acting daily in the exchange of experiences with nature for 50 years. Having a history intrinsically linked to the rivers and coconut trees, we learned in the cradle how to build a sustainable relationship and respect the environment. If you are one of our customers, you can already be proud: you are supporting a brand 100% engaged and identified with building a better world.

Health at work

Besides being concerned about the quality of life of our consumers, SOCOCO also affirms its daily commitment to the health of our employees. Believing this to be the best way to promote well-being among our people, the company offers safe and healthy facilities so that every employee can work quietly and thus reach their full potential.

Social Inclusion

SOCOCO understands that building a better world only happens by offering equal opportunities for all.

That is why our company struggles daily to grow, employ more, promote social inclusion and change the life history of all those who compromise or have already compromised their sweat in the growth of the SOCOCO family