Our History

It all started in Maceió (AL), one of the most beautiful capitals of Brazil, when, in the agitated 1960s, the world's largest brand of coconut derivatives appeared.

It was in the year of 1966 that a Portuguese group appeared with a very irreverent proposal. According to their representatives, their goal was to produce, process and distribute coconut derivatives in a way never seen before, both at home and abroad.

And so it was done. Always seeking to broaden its horizons and modernize its own concepts, SOCOCO, after millions of coconuts planted, peeled and distributed, has become one of the main references of the food genre in the world.

Our company is constantly upgrading. With an incredible capacity to overcome in the development of products more practical and tasty, SOCOCO also has a sophisticated structure of laboratories where all its tests involving research and technology take place.

The fact that we are a company that is intrinsically linked to the coconut trees and the environment has made us a sustainable brand by nature.

Today we can say that SOCOCO's first commitment is with its socio-environmental responsibility, always aiming to contribute to the construction of a better and more pleasant world for our children and grandchildren.

And so it is, with a solid work philosophy, sophisticated research structure and employees 100% identified with the brand, the Sococo Family has been achieving success in everything it proposes to do.

Check below a timeline with some of our top achievements: