Coco Ralado

Extracted through the technique of dehydration of the best coconut pulp, Sococo Grated Coconut stands out for the traditionalism in highlighting sweet and salty recipes with the pure and incomparable flavor of the fruit, without the laborious step by step of breaking, dropping, peeling and grating.

 Ingredients: Coconut pulp partially defatted, dehydrated. Conservative INS 223.


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Serving 12g (2 teaspoons)
Amount per serving% VD ( * )
Energy Value72 kcal = 302 kJ4
Carbohydrates2,4 g1
Proteins1,0 g1
Total fats7,2 g13
Saturated fat6,7 g30
Trans fats0 gNot established
Cholesterol0 mg0
Dietary Fibre1,2 g5
*  % Daily Reference Values based on a 2,000 kcal or 8,400 kJ diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.
Grated CoconutLittle package (Pauch) (Retail)Maximum hygiene. Good manufacturing practices. (Care in the opening of the package, use clean scissors, avoid external contaminations, close the package expelling the air from the packaging before, for better sealing preferably adhesive tape or fold well and use a catcher, observe local pest control conditions)Cool and ventilated place at room temperature.± 15 Days
Refrigerator ( 8 – 12ºC )± 1 month
Polyethylene bags coated externally with kraft paper (Industrial)Same as retail. Adopting the following closing procedure: close the polyethylene bag (tie a knot) by first expelling the air from the packaging, taking care to also seal the kraft paper with the aid of a self-adhesive tape or fastener;Cooling chamber with controlled relative humidity and controlled temperature (50-55% RH – and max. 20ºC)± 2 months
Cool and ventilated place at room temperature.± month
Unit CodeBox TypeUnit Bar codeDisplay Bar codeBox Bar CodeGross Weight (kg)Dispatch external box dimension (cm)Expiration Date
01500505 x 10 x 50g78960044000207896004400914478960044009123,5115,9 x 19,0 x 61,4 c/divisória1 year (Metallized)
010220150 x 50g7896004400020478960044000283,0213,8 x 22,1 x 36,61 year (Metallized)
0102202100 x 50g7896004400020678960044000226,1741,06 x 26,34 x 19,351 year (Metallized)
01500524 x 6 x 100g78960044000137896004400907178960044009043,119,3 x 15,6 x 53,41 year
010220324 x 100g7896004400013178960044000102,8514,2 x 23,1 x 31,21 year
010220460 x 100g7896004400013578960044000187,1140,23 x 25,84 x 25,371 year (Metallized)
010221510 x 1kg78960044003898789600440038510,5227,5 x 30,5 x 35,61 year
01112095 Kg78960044004025,2411,0 x 31,5 x 43,21 year
011121210 Kg789600440041910,2960,76 x 37,01 x 17,451 year
011123020 Kg789600440129420,624,9 x 42,8 x 69,81 year
011123225 Kg789600440124925,6624,9 x 42,8 x 69,81 year
011123630 Kg789600440044030,1521,3 x 48,5 x 77,71 year